A reinterpretation of the set box, which can hold beautiful cups and fine finds.


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Sætter Copenhagen er den perfekte reol til dine kreamikopper. Snedkerlavet i danmark. Reol i egetræ.

Show us what you use SETS the bookcase for in your home.

# MySetter

<transcy>For cups</transcy>

SÆTTER was first known as the "cup shelf" and it is also what it was created for. Enjoy the sight of all the fine cups you have collected over the years, instead of hiding them away in the closet.

<transcy>Made in Denmark</transcy>

SÆTTER bookcase is produced in Denmark and many man-hours have been put into each individual bookcase.

<transcy>For the favorite perfumes</transcy>

Use SETS in the bathroom for the perfume collection, favorite products, the beautiful hand soaps and other fine things. Create a sense of well-being by displaying all your favorite products.


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