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SÆTTER Max 12 - Oiled oak

3.900,00 DKK
Produktet er udsolgt, men kommer tilbage på lager.

SÆTTER Max 12 is an enhanced version of the classic SÆTTER, featuring a larger compartment for increased storage capacity. This modern interpretation of the set box provides ample space for displaying your collection of ceramic cups, treasured souvenirs from your travels, and more.

Constructed from solid untreated oak, a natural material known for its distinctive character, each SÆTTER piece boasts a unique expression, reflecting the inherent beauty of the wood. Handcrafted in Denmark, SÆTTER showcases exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

External dimensions:
Width: 44 cm
Height: 63 cm
Depth: 10.5 cm

Each room measures:
Width: 13.3 cm
Height: 14.5 cm
Depth: 9 cm

Udvendige mål:
Bredde: 44 cm
Højde: 63 cm
Dybde: 10.5 cm

Hvert rum måler:
Bredde: 13.3 cm
Højde: 14.5 cm
Dybde: 9 cm

The shelf is made of untreated oak and will therefore change color and appearance over time. You can advantageously treat it with soap if you want the bookcase to be a little less susceptible, but still retain its bright expression.

The shelf cannot withstand direct water or moisture. Glasses, cups, etc., must be dry before they are placed in the shelf.

In stock, ready to ship.

All SÆTTER's products are easy to mount on the wall. Simply mount the wall bracket on the wall with screws and then hang the shelf up.

Wall bracket included. Screws are not included.

All SÆTTER's products are designed by Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer. All designs belong to SÄTTER and are design protected.

Handmade in Denmark

The original cup shelf from SÆTTER, which was created with inspiration from a flea find, is made by hand by carpenters in FSC®-certified wood.

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